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White to Brown Spray Tanning is your gorgeous, affordable, everyday tan!

This product complements every skin tone and can be adapted to individual needs, offering  different shades and depths of tan to suit everyone.

Why choose white to brown?

All the products have a combine fresh fragrance, a simple application, flawless results.

It's not just specifically for your spring/summer time, its now an all year round fashion. It lifts your mood in the wetter/duller months that comes with autumn/winter time.


Prep before a tan

  • Exfoliate before a tan. This is important because exfoliating removes any dead skin cells and prepares the skin to absorb the colour too. You will also have much more longevity as possible by doing this

  • Do not use any moisturisers on your skin. This will act as a barrier and your tan will not have as much longevity. If you do have any on, please be aware that the tan wont grab as well in that area

  • Remove all hair. All shaving/waxing must be done 24 hours prior to the tan


  • No deodorants, body sprays or perfumes. Make sure you have washed/showered off any of these products as they can caused discoloration in those areas

  • Wear loose clothing and footwear. i.e flip flops, a dress, robe, underwear is optional and disposable thongs will be available from me. This will prevent the tan from rubbing away during the development period

Looking after a tan

  • Avoid any excessive sweating while the tan is developing


  • Avoid all contact with water


  • Do not apply any products over the developing tan


  • Allow 6-8 hours for the tan to develop but you can leave it on overnight


  • Avoid touching the skin during the development period as this may cause staining o the palms of your hands


  • After development period, stand under the showers and let the tan wash off and avoid scrubbing using shower gels, shampoos etc.


  • Do not exfoliate within the first week


  • Avoid excessive spraying of perfume onto the body as this will cause the skin to become dry, therefore reducing the life expectancy of the tan


  • The tan does not give protection from sunburn and they do not include suncrean


  • Keep the body well moisturised as this will help keep the tan for longer.

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