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Bridal Stylist Society

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

A group of like minded stylist learning how to become the best bridal stylist in the industry today!

Iv joined there privet Facebook group, because I love learning new technique's and so I can become a better bridal stylist and offer you my clients, more modern hair styles for your special day

Siren Hair Art

Sheree is our stylist teacher! She's master of bridal hair styling! She's won a huge variety of awards for her work. I first noticed Sheree back in the first lockdown 2020. Like all of us bored, and isolated I got so into watching a number of her videos and just thought, " WOW she makes it look so bloody easy!" But she really does!


Rikki is the owner of The Wedding Hair Company! She takes the role of market research. She's so informative! As the owner of The wedding Hair Company, Rikki does a massive amount of research on, websites, social media, marketing businesses for all different venders such as, hair stylist, make up artist, photographers, florists, hair accessories etc. Anything in the bridal industry.

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